Wat doet Do Factory en voor wie?

Over Do Factory

About Do Factory 

Do Factory is een creatief service en maakbedrijf.

Onderzoeken- uitwerken- en vormgeven van ideeën zijn stappen die binnen Do Factory worden aangepakt. Hierbij staat met name het in actie komen en iets gaan maken of doen centraal. Wij sluiten aan bij uw post-it plak sessies om daarna de opgedane ideeën een paar stappen verder te helpen.

About Jasper Sluis 

Learning by doing. That’s what I believe in, that is who I am.

With my company Do Factory I create new ideas and realise them at the same time. I like working with students, high and low tech companies that have the urge to innovate and therefore embrace new ideas and energy.

With me, you’ll never have a dull moment while developing new business, with not only great results, but with also good learnings along the way. I am not a power-point-guy, but fascinated by all other tooling.
From simple and old school machinery and craftsmanship to laser cutting, 3D printing or new biobased materials.
Projects include a new smart home sensorkit, the SPARK Campus, where I train students and assist in living labs with corporates, towards the creation of a biobased lab for the University of Applied Science.

I am an experienced project manager in construction (20 yrs +) and will always have the curiosity to do better by just start doing.

Do YOU wanna start doing? Call me at +31 (0) 6 53 67 3111